How Did Love Originate?

Love has always been a popular thing to talk about (thank you, Jesus).  It’s the most popular theme in songs, poems, movies, stories, etc.  But the word is thrown around so much that it’s easy to lose its true meaning.  And it has lost the core of its meaning in many of the ways it’s used today. See the pictures above? What is meant by these phrases? I’m not talking about love as the emotion or the word, but the origin.  Where did love come from? Why aren’t we asking this question? If we asked this question, we wouldn’t be … Continue reading How Did Love Originate?

The Ideal World is Possible (But Only the One We Want)

People who are pro-choice have many excuses for justifying abortion.  The two I’m going to talk about right now are two of the trickier topics that go beyond the silly “My Body, My Choice” saying: saving the mother’s life, the mother is too poor to have another child. It seems to me, however, people who hold these sorts of mentalities either aren’t dreaming big enough, or their dream is misplaced. Abortion seems to be the solution to a woman’s problems.  Within the pro-choice club I never hear talks of how we can support poor women (and their unborn children) who … Continue reading The Ideal World is Possible (But Only the One We Want)